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Going on a trip is something that you really look forward to. It’s nice to get out of town for a while and just experience somewhere new. Of course, you’re going to have a better time during your travels if you take certain steps. Look at the travel hacks below so that your next trip will go smoothly.

Inform Your Bank That You’re Traveling

You should always inform your bank that you’re traveling so that they don’t lock your debit card. If you just travel without mentioning anything, then you could wind up being unable to use your card because your bank will assume there is suspicious activity going on. Informing your bank of your travel plans is simple and many banks allow you to do so within dedicated banking apps. This little step could save you from having to deal with an embarrassing situation during your travels.

Roll Your Clothes

Being able to fit as much as you can into a suitcase or travel bag is important. If you just fold clothes normally, then you won’t be able to fit as much. Consider rolling your clothes up to make efficient use of your space. Saving space will allow you to take more items without having to deal with carrying around more suitcases.

Put a “Fragile” Marker on Your Bags

If you’re going to be flying to your destination, then it could be helpful to mark your bags as “fragile.” This will make the airport staff handle them with greater care than usual. Also, these bags are generally placed at the top of the carriers and they’ll be the first ones to be sent out to the baggage claim. This little travel hack could save you a bit of time.

Send Yourself Scans of Important Documents

Sending yourself scans of important documents such as your passport, ID, and itinerary will be a good idea. This will allow you to pull them up whenever necessary and can save you time. You might want to email your passport scan to yourself instead of keeping a picture of it on your phone. Having this scan is very useful in case you lose your passport or it gets stolen.