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America is a large country and there is so much to see. If you are looking to travel to some of the best destinations in the United States, then there are certain ones that stand out as being particularly great. Take a look at the following seven US travel destinations that you don’t want to miss.

  1. New York City

New York City is going to be on just about any travel destination list when you’re talking about visiting America. This is an amazing city that features many landmarks that have become synonymous with the country. Aside from landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, you’ll also be able to enjoy entertainment such as Broadway plays. This is a city that is always bustling with activity.

  1. Chicago

Chicago is another famous American city that has a lot to offer travelers. You can enjoy fine art while spending time in Chicago and the city is also well-known for having amazing cuisine. Whether you’re looking to spend time seeing concerts or if you’re interested in visiting iconic landmarks, Chicago is going to be a city that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Denver

Denver is an amazing place and you should put it on your list of potential vacation spots. It’s a beautiful city that has great art, music, and food. The city is also amazing for those who love hiking because of its close proximity to many great trails and bike paths.

  1. Milwaukee

Milwaukee might be a city that you wouldn’t expect to show up on this list, but it has steadily gained in popularity over the last decade. Beer lovers will really connect with this city and it’s also a place where you can experience fine art. It’s a beautiful city that has a lot of depth and you should check it out when given the opportunity.

  1. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the first cities that many people think of when the topic of America comes up. It’s an old city that has so many iconic areas. You can visit the famous steps from Rocky and the Liberty Bell while also enjoying great modern restaurants.

  1. Seattle

Seattle is among the most interesting cities in America. There are so many fun activities to get involved in and the city always seems to have something fun going on. It has one of the best music scenes in the nation and you’ll be able to enjoy things such as art, fine dining, and shopping as well.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles will always be one of the most important cities in America. This is a town that is well-known for Hollywood and it’s full of style. You can find some of the best concert venues in America if you choose to visit LA and it’s also a hub for art, fashion, and culinary experiences.