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It isn’t always the best idea to pack a whole lot when you’re going on vacation. Of course, you want to be able to take the necessities with you and you don’t want to feel like you’re going without during your trip. Regardless, it’s just not helpful to pack a bunch of stuff and to then be burdened by having to carry it around. Take a look at the following packing tips to help you travel light.

Stick to One Bag

If you’re thinking of using two bags, then you should stop right now. Baggage fees are annoying and having to carry too many bags will just become a hassle during your trip. You should pack light enough to stick to one bag and this will make your travels more enjoyable. Try to stick to using one bag unless you have to bring medical equipment such as a CPAP machine or other such devices.

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling clothes will make it a lot easier to stick to the one bag rule mentioned above. Simply folding clothes isn’t going to be as efficient as rolling them. If you want to save space in your bag, then rolling clothes is absolutely the ideal method. Remember to roll your clothes tight so that you can take all the clothing items that you need while only carrying one bag.

Consider Buying Toiletries Once You Arrive

Some people wind up wasting a lot of space by packing toiletries and other items in their bags. It might be better to buy items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, and shampoo when you get to your destination. This will save space in your bag and these items are honestly quite inexpensive anyway. You can simply buy some travel size items when you arrive at your destination and can then dispose of them appropriately when it’s time to go home.

Choose What You Want to Pack Selectively

Finally, it’s going to be best to choose what you want to pack selectively. You might be tempted to pack certain things that you won’t really use. If you take the time to consider things before packing it, then you might realize that it’ll be fine to leave certain items behind. Be very choosy about your packing choices and only pick items that you know for sure you will be using during your travels.