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Packing Tips

Long trips can be a lot of fun. They give someone the chance to get away from their regular lives and have some truly amazing life experiences. Packing for a long trip, however, can present its own challenges. Travelers planning on being away from home for a long period of time should certainly consider bringing these items along.


While clothes can be bought upon arrival, there are some cases where travelers may need to bring certain clothes with them. For example, foreign countries might have different clothing sizes that may not fit certain individuals. Formal clothes for events or business may also be needed. Plan on using laundry facilities during longer trips and do consider getting into the local culture by buying the local dress. Travelers should always have a comfortable pair of shoes they can walk long distances in.


Although some medications can be filled while traveling, it is often best for long-term travelers to bring as much with them as possible. This is especially important for life-preserving medications or medications needed to manage chronic conditions. Travelers who will be gone long enough to need refills should consult their doctors, pharmacists, and health insurance carriers to find ways to get needed medications in the areas they will be visiting. Find out in advance if existing health insurance will cover care and, if not, consider purchasing special travel health insurance.

Needed Documents

When traveling internationally (or even domestically), certain documentation will be needed. Travelers should be sure they have important documentation such as their health insurance card, car insurance papers, flight and hotel booking confirmations, and any other important reservation information. International travelers need their passports. Certain countries require visas to be secured before entry is permitted, so those will need to be lined up before arrival.

Preparing to pack for a long trip can be overwhelming. Travelers should focus on the essentials they will absolutely need and do their best to plan ahead. Doing so will help ensure a long trip goes smoothly.