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Carry On Restrictions

There is no better way to gain new experiences and see the beauty of the world than by traveling. Since it is the quickest form of transportation, a good vacation usually requires an airplane ride. In order to maintain the safety of all of the passengers, there are several rules everyone must follow before getting on an airplane. The longest and most confusing set of restrictions at the airport are based around carry-on baggage.

Items Banned from Carry-On Bags

The carry-on bag is an important piece of luggage for every traveler. Unlike the checked baggage, the carry-on will never leave the possession of its owner. Since there is no risk of it getting lost, it is the perfect place to put all essential items. It is also smart to carry a few things that can make the flight more enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are some strict restrictions on the items inside the bag. Creams, liquids, and gels must be under 3.4 ounces. Weapons and hazardous items are also banned from carry-on bags.

Size and Weight Restrictions

There is very limited space in the cabin of an airplane, so there are very strict restrictions on the size of everyone’s carry-on bag. These restrictions ensure that everyone on the plane can safely store their bag in the overhead compartments. If the bags were allowed to be an unlimited size, then the storage compartment would quickly get overfilled.

While there are strict limitations on the overall size of the carry-on bag, the same is not always true about the weight of the bag. A lot of major airlines simply do not care how much a carry-on weighs. If the passenger can lift the bag into the overhead storage compartment, then it is a perfectly acceptable carry-on item. This is because most commercial airplanes will never come close to their operating weight limit. A full list of carry-on baggage size and weight regulations for every major airline can be found here.