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Rachel Ambats

Attorney at Law

Rachel Ambats is the Attorney at Law for The Law Offices of Rachel Ambats. She also is a Hearing Officer for the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Rachel is passionate about helping better the lives of children, and their families, and has made it the focus of her legal career.

Rachel’s Early Career

Before beginning her career, Rachel Ambats attended Cornell University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999. Her first job was as a teacher in public schools across New York City. She taught a wide range of students, from kindergarten to fifth grade. This experience helped to solidify her love of helping children.

While working as a teacher, Rachel began branching out to start her law career. Rachel Ambats attended Brooklyn Law School and worked in multiple law-related roles. She was a Contract Legal Assistant where she assisted in the preparation of trials by reviewing deposition transcripts and other documents. She was also a Research Assistant at the law school and was responsible for examining transcripts, memorandums, and laws. Rachel also performed a comparative analysis on the death penalty by state and the legislative history regarding sentencing guidelines.

Juris Doctor

After completing her degree, Rachel Ambats became a Level II Trial Attorney for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. Here, she represented the Commissioner in Article 10 child abuse and neglect welfare proceedings in New York City Family Courts. Rachel developed the Close to Home Initiative, which was created to move juvenile delinquents to placements in their home communities. The goal was to promote rehabilitation and to reduce recidivism rates. Rachel Ambats spent almost seven years working in this role and developing a sense of what children in the area need and the ways that she can help them.

In 2015, Rachel began working as a Litigation Associate for the firm Wingate, Kearney & Cullen, LLP.  At this firm, Rachel Ambats worked to litigate complex civil cases in Federal and State Court and in administrative proceedings. These litigations involved a vast range of subjects including negligence, Religious Corporations Law, real estate closings, and New York State Office of Family and Children’s Services. She had continued to gain experience working for the rights of children and families at this firm for two years before moving on to the same role at another firm. At the Law Offices of James M. Abramson, Rachel Ambats continued to advocate for children in the foster care system. She spent a short time at this firm before beginning her own.

As of December 2017, The Law Offices of Rachel Ambats opened. Here, Rachel is the Attorney at Law and offers outsourcing services for mid to small sized firms and solo practitioners for legal research, review, writing, and editing. She drafts complex motions and Memorandum of Law and Appellate Briefs for her clients while proving them consistent and meaningful contact.

Rachel enjoys giving back and regularly donates to different causes. She is a big fan of because it is a way to directly help teacher and students to get the supplies that they need to succeed. Rachel Ambats is also a fan of travel and enjoys seeing new places and experiencing different cultures.

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